不朽的经典。我意识到我在过去的每年都发布相同主题的一个帖子, 似乎过去几年都是featured Spike。This year, I’m featuring the ensemble and OST 1 full album (all that BEBOP):

CB ensemble

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Gui Boratto – round 2

Another list of fantastic tracks from Gui that sums up the past couple of weeks of my life:

1. Life is Beautiful:

2. You take my breath away, literally:

3. I feel love, I really do:

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Gui Boratto

Quoting a youtube comment that I strongly resonate with:

“Gui Boratto is like a diamond, hard to find but worth it a million times over when you find him.”

One of the best Brazilian producers out there. Minimal at its best

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Kaskade, a.k.a. Ryan Raddon, performing at Ultra Music Festival 14 in Miami on March 25. (Jason Nevader / WireImage)

As a new electronic music fan, I am immensely grateful for the opportunity of exploring a brand new music genre and expanding my musical taste and identity into a newer, younger, and totally different territory. I think I see a new self through this appreciation – it almost feels like a tremendous accomplishment, because the power of music brings more understanding of self and the world around the self. And to me, the progress of learning more about oneself and this world deserves praise and celebration.

I started exploring electronic dance music (EDM) about a year ago, and it did take me more than a year to establish my new fondness for several subgenres of EDM, namely minimal techno, progressive house, and deep house genres. Although electronic music seems to gather a larger crowd in Europe, I’m glad to find out about the wonderful EDM scene in the US, which is emerging from its underground status in the 90’s and absolutely bigger than I imagined. I look forward to experiencing more in 2013, and if I do get the opportunity to move to the west coast, I think I’m all set and ready to go.

My recent appreciation for Kaskade, the renowned American house DJ from Chicago/San Francisco, stems from my habit of always digging a little deeper into the background of a piece of music, the musicians/producers, their inspiration, how they work their way to success, or the development of this style of music, etc. This interesting NYTimes article I read a few months ago on Kaskade and his background fascinated me in many ways. I started exploring a lot more of his tunes from there, and the rest was history.

Thought I’d share a sample/awesome tune of Kaskade:

He’s also got some pretty sweet behind-the-scene videos of his tours around the nation and the globe. Here’s an example of the production for his Freaks of Nature Tour in the US last summer:

Here’s a brief intro interview of Kaskade from The Craft on his background, how he makes and develops his music, etc.:

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Years shall run like rabbits

I can only hope I carry the serenity and peace when remembering my dear friend with other years from now, still laughing about the jokes she used to tell, her constant dinner invitations, her courage and kindness.

Years shall run like rabbits, but spirit shall remain long after she is parted. Rest in peace my friend.

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Remembering Dave Brubeck

For the jazz legend, whose classic tune “Take Five” was chosen 6 years ago to be the name of this blog. RIP.

Dave Brubeck

A live show of Take Five in 1966:

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I love progressive house

Not really sure how to classify Gui Boratto but this Eurasia remix is fantastic (sick):

Progressive house/minimal –

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